September 1, 2023 – St. Camillus recently received $6,431,159 in funding through the New York State Health Care Facility Transformation Grant (Phase 2).

The New York State Department of Health announced the availability of funds under the Statewide Health Care Facility Transformation to help health care providers support facility transformation initiatives.

“We are thrilled to announce that St. Camillus was recently awarded the funds to make many critical capital improvements which will directly impact operational efficiencies, functionality, safety, regulatory compliance, and support the provision of quality care and services,” said Michael Schafer, President of St. Camillus. “On behalf of our staff, residents, patients and communities in which we serve, we greatly appreciate the support from New York State.”

St. Camillus’s continuum of care includes skilled nursing (long-term care) and sub-acute rehabilitation. In addition, St. Camillus provides the only New York State-Certified Brain Injury Rehabilitation program in Central New York.

The NYS Healthcare Facility Transformation funds are specifically earmarked for capital improvement projects for the St. Camillus facility and will help support the organization’s initiative to improve the infrastructure and enhance the homelike environment for their residents and patients.

A series of facility upgrades will be launched in September with the initial primary focus on the roof, flooring, elevators, and parking lot lighting. Construction will occur in phases over a duration of approximately 1.5 years.

Projects include:

  • New Roof on Building 1
  • New Windows Building 1
  • Resident Room Furniture
  • HVAC Upgrades
  • 3rd Floor Lounge Expansion
  • Corridor and Resident Room Flooring
  • Parking Lot Paving and New Lighting
  • Dialysis Den
  • Elevator Modernization
  • Upgrades to the Main Entrance
  • Walk In Cooler for the Kitchen
  • Call Bell System Upgrades
  • Fire System Upgrades
  • IT System Upgrades
  • Shower Room Renovations
  • Resident Bathroom Renovations
  • Upgrades To Chapel Gardens

The organization has aligned with many local contractors to support the scope of work. In addition, the new dialysis den and a partnership with Dialyze Direct will provide on-site home hemodialysis for up to eight patients per day. The hemodialysis services will support a community need and assist local hospitals with discharge plans for the home hemodialysis patients who require for short-term rehab and/or continued care services.

Download the press release here.


About St. Camillus

Since 1969, St. Camillus has been a health care leader in Central New York. With a focus on rehabilitation, our multi-faceted medical complex offers services including skilled nursing, short-term rehabilitation, and the only NYS-certified brain injury rehab program in Central New York. Our mission is to help individuals reach their maximum potential and achieve their highest level of independence.